Style Data Management (SDM)

The Style Data Management (SDM) is a fully integrated system for maintaining control of your style data. SDM helps you achieve this goal by holding your style master data in secure 'Libraries’ where its integrity can be assured and all changes to it monitored, controlled and recorded. SDM will help you systematically keep comprehensive records for your final products, their components such as fabrics and trims, and their attributes such as size, weight, color, cost, price, etc, so that you can access and manage this data easily and effectively. The SDM module will help you reduce time-to-market, improve design productivity, and manage design changes in a better way.   Aria Systems Applications 
 Product Features
  • Full sample tracking with automatic or manual prototype numbering.
 Bill of Materials & Labor
  • Easy to use commonly used material library.
  • User defined Material definition with user-defined attributes.
  • Unlimited user-defined Material categories and sub-categories.
  • Unlimited number of cost sheets per product.
  • Unlimited user defined cost items.
  • Costs can be entered by value or percentage of another cost.
  • Automatic calculation of duty based on duty tables.
  • Easy to use "what if Analysis" with target price/cost/markup.
 Aria Systems Applications
 Pattern Information
  • Support for measurements in Inches or cm/ Fractions or decimals.
  • Support for multiple tolerance levels per measurement point based on material.
  • Process security that controls which process each user/group can access.
  • Scope security that controls which data each user/group can access.
  • Audit feature tracks all changes to a specific entity.
  • Ability to add an unlimited number of user-defined fields of any type.
  • Support for multiple formats for all output forms and reports.
  • Easy integration with customized programs and reports.
  • Easy integration with third party graphics packages.
  • Advanced multi-tier client server architecture.
  • Database independent with support for all major databases.
  • Component architecture facilitates customization and integration.
  • Web Interface for access by partners over the Internet.
  • Workflow that manages the routing of the tasks to the responsible users.
  • Easy to use user “Task List” facilitates the distribution of work.
  • Scheduling engine controls estimated, calculated and actual dates of any task.
  • Audit trail tracks all the historical activities on any entity.
 Aria Systems Applications
  • Easy to use interface with drag and drop capability.
  • Easy to use Explorer interface with custom folder to organize and store information.
  • Easy to use wizards for common used tasks.


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