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Time and Action is a project planning and work-flow system for managing projects that span a length of time and involve one or more employees. Time and Action manages a project in a way that systematically routes activities from one department to another, or from one individual to another for processing so that a task cannot be ignored, buried, or forgotten no matter how immense the volume of tasks involved.
The system facilitates resource utilization to minimize downtime, maximize efficiency and the ability to meet client-imposed deadlines.

  • Use templates for quick and easy project creation to track activities in your work processes.
  • Aids you with the timely completion of regular cycles such as the Sales order or Purchase order fulfillment cycles.
  • Sends user defined notifications to the assigned resources or their superiors if dates are delayed.
  • Users can check their Activity List to view all the project activities that have been assigned to them.
  • Interactive project monitor lets you view the status of several fields relating to projects in an effective and user friendly format:
    • Create a report template to specify what columns and fields will show up for the projects you want to view.
    • Choose from various column types, such as data fields, profile fields, and activity fields.
    • View and edit the fields on your project monitor live automatically updating the other fields to let you know if your edits fit into the schedule.
    • Set up color coding for different statuses of fields for easy recognition of problem areas.
  • The system supports two techniques of scheduling: Forward and Backward scheduling.
  • Forward scheduling establishes a schedule from an estimated start date toward a pre-defined completion date.
  • Backward scheduling, in contrast, establishes a schedule from an estimated completion date to a pre-defined start date.
  • Ability to define project objectives (such as task schedule, duration, etc.), and project assumptions (such as expected start date, end date, expected working days), during the project planning phase.
  • Ability to create generic tasks that are required for multiple projects.
  • Ability to define tasks on-the-fly upon creating a project,
  • Ability to provide detailed task information, such as task estimated duration, task performer, task calendar, task predecessor, etc.
  • Ability to classify tasks under groups for fast reference.
  • Ability to set up a Finish-To-Start dependency relationship between tasks.
  • A fast and easy to use wizard for creating a group of tasks with a sequential dependency relationship automatically set up among them (i.e. every task, by default, is a predecessor for the task following it).
  • Full integrity of project data and dates.
  • Ability to track open tasks coming from various projects through the User Task List program.
  • Ability to re-direct a task back to the previous stage in case this task needs further processing.
  • Automatic rescheduling of project tasks.
  • Extensive report of business projects and tasks in two different layouts.
  • Ability to create custom filters for filtering report data.


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