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Aria provides a wide array of EDI Services to support your Business Needs and Requirements and reach the Competitive Edge. Regardless of your business size whether; small, large or medium sized, Aria EDI Services empower you to have a fully Integrated Business and be Compliant with your Business Partners while coping with the Technological Age.

#EDI Outsourcing Service

Become EDI capable without the need to manage additional software. 

Are you looking to avoid costly upfront software fees? Are you a seasonable vendor who only needs to exchange EDI documents during specific times of the year? Do you need to meet a retailer’s EDI requirement immediately? Or are you simply not able to support the software or personnel required to run an in-house EDI? There are many reasons that necessitate EDI outsourcing, this is why we offer the cost-effective Aria Systems EDI Outsourcing Service!

EDI Outsourcing Service

Aria EDI Outsourcing, in conjunction with FY Global, provides you with an end-to-end solution and will take care of your entire EDI operation. EDI Outsourcing ServiceFY Global is an apparel distribution facility which offers services such as shipping, long & short term storage, and inventory tracking. FY Global is an Aria Gold Certified Partner. We support all inbound and outbound transactions for more than 300 trading partners including retailers, suppliers, freight carriers (USPS, FedEx, UPS), factors, 3PL, and consumer e-commerce websites (such as Amazon.com, overstock.com, JCPenny.com, kohls.com). All of our EDI engineers are highly trained, well versed with EDI technology and are always up to date with the newest advances. Aria Outsourcing ensures quick EDI compliance and helps you avoid unexpected and costly chargebacks. 

With Aria EDI Outsourcing there is no need to be afraid of loosing control of your company’s EDI department. You will still be able to monitor all of your transactions by logging in and reviewing your billing information. You will also receive notifications and reports updating you on all activities and transactions. We're dedicated to providing you with world-class customer service and support. Our professional customer service is personally committed to exceeding your expectations every day.

#EDI Compliance Service
EDI compliance Service

Nowadays, achieving full EDI compliance with your trading partner is proving to be a tricky business. Failing to adhere to stringent compliance requirements, which differ from trading partner to trading partner, can lead to costly chargeback’s and the potential loss of business.EDI compliance Service To avoid this Aria Systems Compliance Service offers its assistance to companies who do not have the time, experience, or staff to achieve full compliance. Aria personnel has the expertise to navigate you through the stringent requirements of your trading partner. We will test run your EDI account and make sure you become a certified EDI partner. More importantly, we will put a system in place which will guarantee continued EDI compliance with all your trading partners. This way you will avoid costly chargeback’s and simultaneously have more time to focus on your core business – not on EDI compliance.

#EDI VAN Service

Value added Networks [VAN] are private networks where EDI related information can securely be exchanged between companies. Aria Systems is a certified GXS VAN Service reseller.

GXS Trading Grid® VAN enables the exchange of business documents electronically in a secure, fast and reliable matter. Documents can be sent in both the latest XML standards as well as traditional EDI document standards. Trading Grid Messaging Service can be then accessed via the Internet using a variety of communications options such as FTP and AS2. Aria Systems offers direct technical support and customized competitive packages tailored to your specific needs.

EDI VAN Service

Reliable, Secure, Any-to-Any Document Exchange Worldwide:

  • Exchange EDI and XML Documents: Use EDI (ANSI X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, EANCOM), proprietary formats (spreadsheets, SAP IDocs) and XML (RosettaNet, ebXML) standards.
  • Communications Options: Connect to our service using a variety of Internet-based and private networking communications options. Supported IP protocols include AS2, AS3, HTTP/S, FTP/SSL, SFTP and FTP over private IP. Private networking options include leased line, frame relay and MPLS options as well as industry networks such as ANX and ENX. A number of proprietary and regional connectivity protocols are also available such as MQ, OFTP and X.400.
  • Administration Portal: Obtain real-time insight into your B2B transactions with Trading Grid Online—our web-based administrative portal. Register online, track the status of documents and obtain technical support.
  • Network of Trading Partners: Gain access to the world’s largest e-business community. Tens of thousands of companies are connected to GXS network exchanging billions of dollars of transactions annually. Chances are your customers or suppliers are already online with GXS.
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Aria Systems is an innovative developer of comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software specifically designed for the Apparel, Accessories, Footwear, Home Furnishings and Textiles industries.

Aria is dedicated to providing the most reliable solutions with expert support for streamlining and automating mission-critical business processes.

Our apparel software applications are used by manufacturing and distribution companies throughout the world for improving workflow, enhancing supply chain visibility, and increasing speed-to-market.

With more than two decades of experience in developing, deploying, and maintaining fully-integrated systems, Aria possesses the critical insight required for understanding the unique challenges  facing apparel companies from both an Operations and Information Systems perspective, and delivers solutions that match the unique business needs of our customers

Aria Systems employs over 120 apparel industry professionals in the US, UK and Egypt


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