Electronic Data Interchange


Aria Systems EDI software allows the structured transmission of electronic data with your trading partners. Aria EDI contains a user friendly interface Aria EDI Logofacilitating the management of inbound/outbound EDI communication. In addition we now support most major standards and (over 28) transactions and are compliant with 300+ trading partners.

Aria Systems EDI includes the following product features:


  • Automatic recognition of inbound separators.
  • Automatic isolation of non-configured documents by the system enabling easy identification and correction.
  • Full verification of incoming transactions for format validity and data integrity with the system.
  • Ability to check data integrity and audit the database for missing or incorrect SKU/UPC, price or address information.
  • Ability to provide audit trail of all sent documents ensuring your transmissions are successfully received.
  • Full integration with the Aria Apparel System (ERP).
  • Automatic verification of EDI orders against bulk orders to prevent duplicate quantities.
  • Ability to receive and print the store unit sales and average retail price.


In addition, Aria Systems EDI allows manufactures and importers to communicate with the following:



  • Support of X12, EDI FACT, XML, Fixed Length, CSV and comma delimited standards.
  • On-the-fly update of items, stores, DC locations and temporary Purchase Orders (850) including Purchase Order Changes (860), Text Messages (864) and Address Listings (816).
  • Automatic generation of outbound functional acknowledgments (997) from inbound transmissions.
  • Automatic generation of UPC codes in order to transmit the UPC catalog to customers and print customer-specific UPC price tickets.
  • Ability to generate and print the UCC-128 carton labels and the UPC price ticket (Hang Tags).
  • Ability to archive EDI transactions for data storage, retrieval and inquiry, providing enormous possibilities for data access and manipulation.
  • Ability to view the original data in its raw format with EDI Viewer making troubleshooting an error or problem easier.
  • Flexible communication via FTP, FTPs, AS2 and Interconnects, with direct linkage to your trading partner or through a third party VAN.
#Freight Carriers
    Integration with major carriers such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS.
  • Ability to retrieve freight and insurance charges, verify recipients address, update shipment tracking numbers, automatically generate tracking numbers and print carrier shipping labels.
  • Ability to manage the routing information of EDI 753/754 (Routing Requests).
#Third Party Logistics

Ability to integrate common business documents such as Advance Ship Notices (856), Warehouse Shipping Order (940), Warehouse Shipping Advice (945), Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice (943) and Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice (944).

  • Ability to send credit requests for approvals for customer orders to the factor.
  • Ability to receive credit approvals from the factor.
  • Ability to send Invoice (810) to the factor.
  • Receipt of factor's accounts receivable information to support in-house order approvals based on the customer's credit line established by the factor.
#Consumer E-Commerce Websites
    Ability to communicate with major e-commerce websites (such as Amazon.com, Overstock.com, JC Penny.com, Kohl's.com).
  • Support for custom and proprietary e-commerce platforms (Magento, Volusion).
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Aria Systems is an innovative developer of comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software specifically designed for the Apparel, Accessories, Footwear, Home Furnishings and Textiles industries.

Aria is dedicated to providing the most reliable solutions with expert support for streamlining and automating mission-critical business processes.

Our apparel software applications are used by manufacturing and distribution companies throughout the world for improving workflow, enhancing supply chain visibility, and increasing speed-to-market.

With more than two decades of experience in developing, deploying, and maintaining fully-integrated systems, Aria possesses the critical insight required for understanding the unique challenges  facing apparel companies from both an Operations and Information Systems perspective, and delivers solutions that match the unique business needs of our customers

Aria Systems employs over 120 apparel industry professionals in the US, UK and Egypt


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